Applicant's personal account

How to correctly fill in the data in the Personal profile of foreign applicants


Personal office is designed to simplify the registration of documents and pre-registration of foreign applicants for admission to BGPU.

For submission of documents it is necessary to appear in the Admissions Committee In person  (not later than the date of admission of documents for the chosen specialty),  taking the whole package of documents, according to the Rules and admission procedure, including:
. To bring the following documents:
. 1.Application form;
2. 2.Questionnaire;
3. 3.The grading form, to calculate the average score;
4. 4.Original and copy of the school diploma (or diploma and appendix);
5. 5.Original of the certificates of centralized testing;
6. 6.Health certificate;
7. 7.Passport and a copy of the passport;
8. 8.4 photos 3x4 cm.


A brief description of the procedure:

1. Create personal cabinet;

2. Fill out questionnaire;

3. Print  application

4. Print  questionnaire (one sheet on both sides)

5. Fill out and print the grade form (to count and check the grade point average)

6. Bring the printed application and questionnaire along with the rest of your documents to the Admissions Office.

If there is no way to set up a Personal Office for an applicant or print out the application form and application in advance,

You can do it at BSPU, in the 121 room of 3 building.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the documents submitted to the BSPU are digitally photographed. Photos are stored in the electronic database of BSPU and are used in the production of student cards and record books. 3x4 photos are used for the student's Personal File.
When you create a personal account obligatory upload a photo, which must comply with the requirements for the photo to be placed on the documents. The file size should not exceed 300 KBytes, file format JPEG, proportions 3x4.

Example photo:


If you have decided to apply to another department, you must report to the Admissions Office of BSPU in person.

You must bring with you a printed form "An unspecified application form". A new application will be printed for you at the admissions office.

You can print several of these forms and You can print several of these forms and decide on your department and major on the spot (at the admissions office).

p>The following questions are for you.

Attention! If you resume a different major (department) you do not need to take another picture. All you need to do is tell the operator of your previous form number to the photo station operator.